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Try linkchat now for free. We present to your attention online rooms with different possibilities

The duration of stay in demo rooms is limited to 3 minutes.                  If you need more time, register and use the free period of 14 days.

Attention, other users may be in demo rooms. If this caused you any inconvenience, choose another room or try again in 3 minutes.

linkchat online meeting

Web-Conference BUSINESS

The room has a telephone access:*:
Dial-in number: +49 30 2555 98 73
(Germany) Conference PIN: 901323

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*To dial into the room using phones, dial the dial-in number and then the conference PIN.

Linkchat Business is a tool for optimal communication in your company. Project meetings, negotiations with partners, interviews - all this can be organized in the linkchat cloud service.

To participate in the conference, a browser on any device is sufficient.              If no Internet access is available, you can always dial in by phones.              Perfect for business!


  • Organize audio and video conferences. Up to 8 people in one room. Picture Quality - Full HD
  • Use linkchat BUSINESS to participate in web conferencing from your mobile phone
  • Design conference rooms in the corporate design of your company. Add a logo in a matter of minutes. Use linkchat Business to promote your own brand.

Online classroom

You can enter the room as a moderator or guest. The moderator can manage the conference: turn on / off the guests microphone or remove them from the room.
Moderator PIN: 123456

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Teachers and students only need to click on a link to enter the room.

You and your students will only need a browser on any device. linkchat provide all the tools for teachng - Timetables, screen sharing and video recording. Students will not have to install a separate program or register in the system - just one link is enough to enter the class. Perfect for online schools!


  • Perform audio and video classes for up to 50 participants in a virtual classroom with Full HD quality
  • Schedule the lesson to open the virtual classrooms at the appointed time.
  • In the online lesson format, the microphone is controled by the teacher. To give the word to the student, the teacher can use the "Give the word" function .


To enter the room you must enter a password.
Password: 1234

Enter the demo room

Improve your business with linkchat. The role of communications in the field of consulting is difficult to overestimate.

It is important for clients to see that experts choose quick and convenient solutions. The cloud service linkchat will help build trust to your business.             To start an online consultation, just send a link to your customers.             At the appointed time, he will be able to connect to the online meeting from any device and browser. Perfect for online consulting!


  • Consult several clients at the same time. Communicate via audio and video with Full HD Quality
  • Create just one link and give it to the meeting participants. They will be able to access linkchat from any device and browser.
  • You can record consultations in linkchat so that your experts can conveniently analyze customer problems