Open linkchat meeting rooms directly in slack!

linkchat Slack App extends Slack with online meeting functions. The meeting room opens directly in your browser. You don't need to download or install anything. In the conference, video, audio and screen-sharing are immediately available to you. You start a new meeting by entering /linkchat in your channel. All participants who want to attend the meeting simply click the link that is displayed. It's that simple!

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What is slack?

Slack is a web-based platform for online collaboration. Teams can work together here to do their jobs better.

Why should I use linkchat with slack?

How does the linkchat/Slack integration work?

The integration allows you to create online meeting rooms directly within a slack channel and in direct message.

How to connect linkchat with Slack?

  1. Visit Slack App Directory or click the Slack button:

    Add to Slack

  2. Click your team’s name.
  3. Click the Authorize button and sign into your linkchat account (if you haven’t already). It is possible to use linkchat without you having to register. To do this, use our guest access

Next steps

To start a linkchat meeting in slack:

Where can I get help if I have a questions?

It is important to us not to leave you alone with questions! If you notice anything concerning our linkchat/slack integration or if you have any question don't hesitate to contact us.

You can get in touch with our support team here: or use our contact form.