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Get an overview of our online meeting features.


With HD-Audio you will find it very easy to recognize your conversation partner by the voice.


Thanks to HD-video you will see every smile that you will be given.


To simply share a link or quickly write "You've done well!" our chat is just right to quickly shoot short messages!


Just show to your partner important things that can only be seen on your computer, laptop or tablet.


We encrypt all your connections so that your private conversations remain private.

Access control

With our access control you can determine at any time whether another participant has access to a meeting room.

and much more ...

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Of course - we support the device you are using!

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Mobile apps

Manage your rooms directly on the phone and never miss your meeting

We have connected linkchat with your favorite apps!

The connection of linkchat with other apps provides you extra capabilities. Send invitations with your favorite messenger, start linkchat directly from other apps and organize appointments with your calendar.

Some ideas how you can use linkchat...

Video job interviews

Job interviews on the phone are normal today. Video interviews are a good alternative to traditional phone interviews. The advantages for companies are obvious. Video as an additional medium for telephone conversations allows you to quickly get a better impression of the applicant. The effort for the preparation of the interview remains almost the same. All previous tools, such as the telephone interview guide, can also be used for video interviews. Why don't you just give it a try?

Appoints in agile projects!

Not all agile Scrum and Kanban teams are lucky enough to work together in one place. However, to perform agile project management methods such as 'sprint planning’, ‘daily stand-up' and 'retrospective', a tool is required that is quickly and easily accessible to everyone. Right here linkchat has its strength.

Online sales and service consulting

No matter where you work - in a travel agency or in a management consultancy. Customers have questions and they should be answered as soon as possible. Often you can do this quickly with an e-mail. As soon as the questions become more complex, customers often need advice. Without a doubt, this works best in a personal conversation. But it is also clear that one cannot always meet the customer. But not everything can be clarified in one telephone conversation. In this case, online consultations are optimally suited.

Coordinating work results with customers

All freelancers and consultants know the situation: You receive an order and work something out for the customer. On the way to the final result there are queries, coordination of intermediate results and sometimes also changes in the requirements. This cannot always be done directly on the customer's premises. So why not use linkchat to ensure the coordination and advice. Try it out! It will help you.

Market research with online surveys

Whether in classical market research or in the context of a design thinking process. Opinion polls play a central role in designing customer-oriented products and processes. Often much more can be found out in a conversation than is possible by filling out a questionnaire. From the reaction of the test persons to questions often findings can be won which are decisive for the success. linkchat offers you everything which you need around on-line opinion research to carry out.

Share your own screen with anyone (screen sharing)

Important topics can be explained much easier if you can show something. With linkchat you can easily mirror your screen. For example, you can share a website with others to show where something specific can be found. The function is supported under Windows, Linux and Mac. Shared content can be displayed on smartphones with Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the transfer of Smartphone screen contents is not yet possible. We are working on making this function possible for you as well.

The best way to arrange and organize appointments is with your calendar.

If you have to arrange and manage a lot of appointments, it's almost impossible without a calendar. To avoid this becoming a problem for you, we have developed the linkchat Calendar Add-On´s. We offer extensions for Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar and the Yahoo Calendar. Combine the tools you like best with linkchat.

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Works with calendar of your choice

It's so easy to organize an appointment. Just click on the calendar in the add-on menu you want to manage the appointment with. With one click, you automatically create an invitation that already contains a link to a linkchat online meeting room.

Also try our Quick Start-Meeting Feature. Without a calendar you can start an appointment directly. This gives you full control and flexibility you need.