linkchat is always at hand BETA

Use not only a browser, but also linkchat desktop applications for macOS, Windows, Linux

If you often chat with linkchat, install the application on your computer. So you can quickly connect to online rooms. Launch the app every time you are invited to an online meeting, lesson, or meeting.

  1. Install the application, launch it and enter the name of the online room.
  2. The name of the room is contained in its link. Example:
  3. Enter your password and start chatting using all the linkchat tools.
linkchat for macOS

Convenient and ergonomic application for the macOS operating platform. Install now!

linkchat for Windows

A modern video conferencing application on your Windows computer. Set to connect to an online meeting at any time.

linkchat for Linux

Minimalistic application for online communications. Install linkchat for Linux on your computer and communicate without limits!