Your partners are scattered around the world?

Overcome the distance with linkchat logo wort. Appointments are suddenly so easy to handle as if all participants in the same room!

It works so easy

Organize your first linkchat logo wort appointment in just 15 seconds. Try it right now!

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1. Create a link

Simply select a name. For example, the current project.

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2. Invite participants

Share the link via e-mail, WhatsApp, Facebook or via another channel to the participants.

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3. Done - the meeting can begin!

Clicking on the link opens a browser window and you enter the online meeting point.

You know where you want to go. Enter an existing room.

Need a new meeting room? Create a new room.

L wie linkchat

Many useful features for an online meeting.


With HD-Audio you will find it very easy to recognize your conversation partner by the voice.


Thanks to HD-video you will see every smile that you will be given.


To share a link or just write quickly "you have done well!" just keep on helping!


Just show to your partner important things that can only be seen on your computer, laptop or tablet.


We encrypt all your connections so that your private conversations remain private.

Access control

With the access control, you can specify at any time whether additional call partners get access to an existing stream.

and much more ....

For you all everywhere, anytime and available for free.

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Join the linkchat community. Independently of which smartphone, tablet or PC you use, linkchat logo wort works on all your devices.

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