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Secure communication

Secure video conferences for business

We know how difficult it can be to organize a video conference. That's why we developed a service that focuses on you, not the technology and its suppliers.

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Video conferencing service that works
in the browser on any device

Without software installation
You no longer need to ask your interlocutors to install any video conferencing software. Send the link to the client, and your online room will open in the browser of smartphone or computer.
Convenient online communication
linkchat has all the tools for comfortable communication online-branding, screen demonstration, recording, and more. We use technologies that carefully protect your data.
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Organize a video conference in linkchat in a couple of minutes

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You will receive an email about accessing the online video conference room.
Share the link with your customers
Send the invitation by email, WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram.
Enjoy online communication
When you click on the link, a browser window opens. You can start the video conference!

Useful features for video conferencing

Online rooms
Online space for communication. linckhat has online rooms for group video conferences, webinars, and lessons
Add a logo and corporate color to the design of the online room. Use linkchat to advertise your brand
Share a link, send a file, or give your interlocutors a smile in the form of a cute Emoji
Screen sharing
Many things are better explained visually. Show your interlocutors a screen, program, or a separate tab
To return to important questions at any time, use the video conference recording option
Participate in web conferences without Internet access. You can connect the phone number of your city to the online room

Our users like linkchat

If you liked linkchat, send us a short message. Tell us what you liked best.
"I create videos for companies from all over Germany. We used to communicate with clients over the phone, but now we use linkchat. This helps inspire our customers, because we can show them the main process of our work! And it is very convenient that the video conference can be opened via the link. The service works in all popular browsers"
Petra Perry, Founder of Clevervideo
"VITAMINP stands for creative productivity. Creative work requires not only a sheet of paper and a pencil, but often a well-coordinated team work. In search of the best tool for quick communication and collaborative interaction, I finally found linkchat"
Christopher Henke, Founder of VITAMINP
“Ich stehe mit VITAMINP für kreative Produktivität. Zum kreativen Arbeiten brauchst Du nicht nur Zettel und Stift, sondern oft ein interdisziplinäres Team. Auf der Suche nach dem besten Tool für schnelle Kommunikation und gemeinsame Interaktion, habe ich endlich und glücklicherweise linkchat gefunden.”
Christopher Henke, Gründer von

Who linkchat was created for

For business
Group video conferences and webinars with the team, clients and partners
For telemedicine
Secure online consultations that work in the browser and do not require patients to install
For online education
Online classes and rooms for small groups
For e-commerce
Online seller widget for video calls on the site

We support the device
that you use

For convenience, you can install the video conferencing program on your computer for free

works in all browsers
Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and others.
for macOS
Application for the macOS operating platform
for Windows
Video conferencing software that runs on Windows
for Linux
An application that is suitable for Linux users

We have integrated linkchat with your favorite apps!

Send invitations to your interlocutors by WhatsApp, Facebook, or Telegram. Schedule video conferences in Google Calendar. Create online rooms in Slack.

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